August 2017 - Carel Smit The Patenteur

Carel is a patent attorney and entrepreneur who has founded companies on two continents and served as senior in-house IP counsel at Rio Tinto and Ipernica Limited prior to co-founding Patenteur.  Carel has also worked locally and abroad in private practice, helping clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, university, and research organisation, through to lone inventors securing patent and trademark rights for their ideas, brands, and innovations, while also helping launch new businesses.  

Carel trained at one of the largest IP practices in the Southern Hemisphere, before eventually working as in-house counsel with companies in Perth, giving him unique insights into the requirements clients have of patent counsel.

 Carel holds BSc (Hons), Msc, and LLB qualifications.

Learn more about Carel and The Patenteur here.

April 2017 - Tim Courtland Frontier3D

Subject: 3D Printing and design

Tim is an industrial designer and 3D Printing specialist and is the Manager/Lead designer at Frontier  3D, opened in late 2015. He studied Electronic Engineering, before a short career in IT lead onto completing a Bachelor Arts in 3D Design at Curtin University. He is currently involved in product design, rapid prototyping & production design/props for Film/Advertising projects and utilises Additive Manufacturing processes, such as 3D Printing, to build parts quickly and effectively. 

Frontier 3D supports Education & Schools by supply 3D Printers as well as offering support to Teachers as it is becoming such an exciting field with such a range of industries. From Medical devices to Speedboat Racing.

February 2017 - Mike Lancaster- Lambda Insurance Brokers

Subject: Products Liability Insurance

Mike Lancaster has worked in the general insurance industry both as an insurer and as a broker for over 25 years. He has advised many businesses on managing their risks associated with the design, manufacture and commercialisation of products and specifically in the area of Products Liability on which he has extensive experience. Michael’s clients range from small single person businesses to large commercial operations.

August 2016 - Barry Lloyd- Creator of many things

Subject: Funny stories of creations he has been involved in.

Barry Lloyd makes no claim to being an inventor but has been involved in some interesting “creations” over many years, in activities as diverse as the Hotel industry, specialised motor vehicles and electronics.

Born in Sydney in 1934 Barry grew up in Cowra NSW (or failed to grow up, as he says). Aged 20, he lived in Bondi (for surfing reasons) and became involved in motor sport. By being in the right place at the right time went on to drive rally cars for five international car companies including Mercedes Benz. 

Barry has certainly had an amazing life so far with 19 different jobs from working as a sheep dog for a farmer who didn’t like dogs, to putting the pink in Vincents APC powders, to purchasing manager of the largest Hotel chain in the Southern Hemisphere, newspaper reporter, customs clerk, doctors receptionist, social worker and a crazy outback adventurer! He moved to Perth in 1984, to administrate a medical software/ hardware company. 

He has captured some of his maniacal motoring feats in a book he wrote titled "You Can’t Get There from Here" and about 3 years ago he recorded a 12 track CD then composed and recorded a single for his 80th birthday.

June 2016 - Ray Hall - member and inventor

Subject: Import and export tips

Ray Hall with his invention of bicycle tyres that can never go flat shared his stories on importing and exporting.

Feb 2016 - Rozz Synnot and Josh Williams

Subject: How to Market Your Invention

With a proven track record of launching several  of Perth innovations into different markets with sales in over 92 countries, Rozz Synnot and Josh Williams are the team you want driving your global sales and marketing strategy.

Key achievements include:

  • Public Crowdfunding for Quickboats on ($65k in 30 days)
  • Private Crowdfunding for LifeLink on (Six figure sales in under 100 days, 92 countries)
  • Global Brand Repositioning for Resources Company (Visual Sales Aids used across 5 Sales Regions covering all 216 countries)
  • Australian & New Zealand Local Government Product Trials for BinSpring (Thousands of products sold via multiple product trials in New Zealand)

Dec 2015 - Jeff Phillips from DD Grout Plugs 

Subject: Jeff's story and innovation process

Jeff is best known for his invention of the "Terra-Barb" in the mining industry.

Mining Engineer, Business Owner and Inventor. B. Eng (Mining), B. Econs, B. Commerce (Finance), M. AusIMM.

Jeff Phillips has 25 years mining industry experience, and holds a West Australian First Class Mine Manager's Certificate of Competency.  The DD Grout Plugs products were brought to market with the aim of providing simple, effective and easy to use products to improve mining productivity and reduce overall cost. Jeff holds a number of patents and patent applications on the designs.  

Jeff is a Member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Aus IMM).

More about Jeff and DD Grout Plugs here 

Jun 2015 - Paul Lyons from NRGi speak
"The co-founders of Ecocentric Energy, Paul Lyons and Russell Wilson, have spent decades in the energy business. This does not make them out of date though, far from it. They love anything new, especially inventing new products and systems and share an obsession for fixing broken things, like out of control energy bills."
Paul Lyons – Co-Founder/Director of Engineering

"Paul’s career started in industrial and high energy use environments where he trained in control systems, robotics and advanced electrical energy systems. He worked for British Airways, British Ministry of Defence and several Formula One racing teams. He has worked in electrical technology in just about every industry from North America, to Europe and now Australia, spanning over 30 years."

See more about Paul and NRGi here

April 2015 - Adam Howard

Subject: Funding

Adam Howard, an experienced Economist and Commercial Banking whiz will talk to the IAAWA members on how to obtain capital for your business. His sharp analytical skills and with real life experience and passionate commentary on economics and finance will provide insight to all attendees building or growing their business.

See more about Adam here

2014 - Prof. Barry Marshal

Subject: Trust your gut & challenge the status quo: An evening with Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall M.D.

The Inventors Association of Australia (WA) Inc, in collaboration with the Innovation Centre of WA had the pleasure of hosting an evening with one of Western Australia's most famous sons, Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall M.D. Barry Marshall shared his inspirational journey from young clinical fellow at the Royal Perth Hospital in WA to standing in the spotlight on the world stage as the joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2005. Together with J. Robin Warren, a pathologist from Perth, Barry Marshall M.D. made the remarkable and unexpected discovery that inflammation in the stomach, as well as ulceration of the stomach, is the result of an infection of the stomach caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Their tenacious pursuit of a new paradigm for peptic ulcer disease led to their groundbreaking discovery. Join us to hear Barry Marshall M.D. share his story of how innate curiosity, obstinately challenging the status quo and some good old fashioned self-experimenting, led to this scientific breakthrough.

2014 - Rodney Green, Mulpin

Subject: The PCB that doesn’t fear lightning

Rodney Green's 40+ years in the electronics industry have been marked by highly innovative PCB design capabilities, Electronic design skills with many inventions from electronic portable hypodermic needle furnace which was exported to Japan, and generated many new jobs directly, to his well-known international publicised Dirodyne radio architecture. He has written many articles of ground breaking concepts that are being used in the market place. His skills have gained Rodney a well deserved reputation throughout the industry.

2014 - Shane Parker, EL ES DE Engineering

Subject: Engineering Design for Mining, Offshore, Subsea and Environment

Shane Parker holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Australia and has 15 years’ experience in the design of mechanical systems. Shane is a respected and valued member of the Western Australian engineering community and contributes to the wider design community through the National Committee for Engineering Design. Shane has a significant track record of solving difficult and unique mechanical engineering problems and has significant and diverse technical expertise in areas such as stress analysis, design for manufacture, software programming and business systems.

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