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The presentation at the assessment should be no longer than 15 minutes and address each of the sections below.
The association does not provide investor funds but may direct you to other groups and organisations, should you be investor ready.
The cost of an assessment is presently $250, payable before or at the meeting. You must be a member which may involve a joining fee of $80.
When completed, you can choose to post this form to PO Box 550, Maylands, WA 6931, scan it and email to or bring it to our next meeting.

 1: Your Details




Member:    Yes or No

 2: The Problem

Please provide details of the problem being addressed.

Have you checked on GoogleGoogle Images and Google Patents  that you are not reinventing the wheel?

Answer:    Yes or No

 3: The Solution

Important:  Please do not provide any details of your solution at this time. A confidentiality agreement will be provided at or before the assessment.

Have you identified the ‘secret sauce’ of the solution?

Answer:    Yes or No

Have you, in your own mind, identified and listed the advantages of the solution in order of importance.

Answer:    Yes or No

 4: Your Team & Experience

Please provide details of your team and experience.

 5: Market Segment and Size

Please provide details of the market segment and size.

 6: Traction & Projections (Optional)

If possible, please provide details of the traction you have had to date.

 7: Competition & Existing Products

Please provide details of your competition and products already in the market, including those that address the same problem.

Please include images.

 8: ‘Goto’ Market Strategy

Please provide details of your ‘goto’ market strategy.

 9: Identified Industry Contacts/Mentors (Optional)

If possible, please provide detail of industry contacts you have or are considering approaching.

 10:  Where to Now - Next Steps and Required Expertise

Please provide detail of the next steps envisaged and required expertise.

Other Information

Please include any other material that might be of assistance to us.  For example, whether you have applied for a patent.

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